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  1. Hello, Nathan here.

    I'll get straight to the point, knowing you've received countless offers like this over the years.

    Our advanced tools indicate that we have a perfect match of advertisers for your traffic, and we are confident that we can outperform Adsterra.

    Our offer is simple - we'll start by adding 20% more to whatever you're currently generating with them. Not as a fixed price, but as a floor price.

    This means that even on your slowest days, you'll be earning at least 20% more than you are now. Just imagine the potential!
    Sanme configuration, triggering our ads on your download pages:

    We encourage you to put us to the test for 24 hours once we've set the right floor price for you.

    Let's start a conversation. Our mission is to generate significantly more revenue for you - 24/7 VIP service, weekly payouts, and crypto payments, along with any other support you may need.

    Can we discuss this further?

    Skype: live:.cid.714ebdfb7863315d


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